Entry #1

Okay sooooo.....

2009-11-03 20:42:50 by Isowits

Okay, so i am trying to get into some voicing here on Newgrounds. Never done it before but i would be happy to help anyone in anything they might need a voice in. Please anyone send me a message if your having a hard time finding someone to act for you i will help. Thanks guys.


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2010-01-27 02:29:31

yo wats up its youre homie here lookinamirror listen youre IN the voice - J16 is my id # so instead of calling me lookinamirror just call me j16
send me yours

- 1 word
-2 numbers
ex J63
and by the way what would u like to work on
-Main Characters voice or
-sound effects
if you know aany other category advise me

Isowits responds:

Im willing to work on any field, preferably an extra or a non main character to get me started off. If you have anything or know anyone who has any projects going on that would be great. - K38?